Sunday, February 18, 2007

we are trying something new

I have been reading for a long time now about Ginkgo Biloba and it's effects on the brain. Several studies have been done that encourage its use in people with Down syndrome. It seems to be a GABA inhibitor, which helps the brain tune out extraneous stuff and focus and remember better. I am not one to jump on the "cure DS" bandwagon, and I am pretty firmly opposed to using medications without darn good reason. We never bought into TNI or any of the "miracle drugs" for DS. But this one just seems so right for us, and I hope time will prove it is a good decision for Ciarra.
We put 14 drops in a little bit of orange juice at bedtime, she doesnt even know it is there. It is supposed to take a few weeks to really see a result, but already I can say...SOMETHING is going on thats new. Longer sentences, fuller language, quicker recall...something. I taught her today about adding favorite channels to the remote control of our new tv, and she remembered it immediately and used it, and it is an involved sequence of steps.
I had her teacher gauge her ability to recall numbers, and will have her retested again in a few weeks, we have feb vacation, then we leave for Florida for a week on top of that. By then there should be some effect if there is going to be one. I am not looking for a miracle cure, or to "fix" daughter is not broken. But I would love to give her a tool that can help her remember a string of numbers, and to remember things taught to her a little more easily. Time will tell. I understand that this stuff cannot harm her in any way, and have researched that extensively. Maybe it wont do anything, but maybe it will work...I will let you know.

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Steph Q said...

Do you know if this Ginko thing will work with adult aged DS people or only children?