Tuesday, March 20, 2007

More Conversations With Ciarra

Ciarra got her first chapter book a few days ago. This was her first time reading it, it was 9 pm, she had just gotten home from a playdate, so she was tired and silly. Its kinda fun to keep track of her progress this way. I do know her speech is not perfect, far from it. But her language is wonderful and rounded and full of laughter, I think. Anyway, if you are bored and want a few giggles, here ya go...

Here is a partial transcript, Keep in mind, this is her first time on this book ever, and it was 9 pm. Thanks for peeking.

A dark cloud in the sky, a storm was coming. Haley followed her Dad into the hills. Haley felt a drop of rain.

C: See? This is the night. Theres the horsey, he cant see them. Thats the star there.)

She heard thunder. We will have to turn around soon, Mr Clark said. But dad! We cant leave Starlight! Haley said.

(mom talks)
C: No no, her daddy and Haley and her horse. Starlight do a big cry, then her dad and Haley and the horsey would cry.
Mom: Yes, he would cry
C: They would both.
Mom: They all? All 3?
C: yeah!!
Mom: Yeah Both.
C: Yeah, daddy and haley. Theyd get sad, too.
Mom: they would be sad, I think, yep.
C: Michelle, why you need that? (piece of string on her bed)
Mom: Oh I dunno, it was just something from your dora backpack. Ok, finish reading...
C: Then Haley looked into the dark night. She (saw) something far away. It looked like a bright star.
Mom: Oh!! What was it?
C: the horsey, her name is Starlight. Because she is hiding from Haley.
Mom: yep shes hiding from haley
C: Because she cant run around too
Mom: No, she needs to go home with haley, huh?
C: Yeah. Cause she miss her pet.
Mom: Yeah, she does miss her pet. Alright, finish up
this chapter for me. Where are we? Oh, you already read that page. Ok...
C: michelle? The horsey... is sad, her daddy and her mom and her, haley are sad too
Mom: they are sad, yeah.
C: Because he misses Starlight. Real bad.
Mom: They do, they do miss Starlight bad, dont they?
C: Yeah, they really miss him, really too sad. I wish I wish Starlight could come back soon...
Mom: I wish I wish Starlight could come back soon...thats right. You like that story?
C: yep, see
Mom: are you gonna have a horse?
C: Yep!
Mom: someday.
C: Yeah.
Mom: Ok, wheres starlight in this picture, do you see him? Where is he? There he is isnt he? Ok, lets finish...
C: the horsey has a star on her forehead
Mom: she has a star on her forehead?
C: yeah and Haley cant see him in the dark.
Mom: so you can see him in the dark? Is that what it is?
C: No, he cant see in the dark
Mom: Oh, so he cant see in the dark?
C: No no, he cant see too much, trees, dark...
Mom: oh, so you cant see him. Do you remember what Starlights mommys name was?
C: yeah.
Mom: the other horse, what was her name?
C: Im gonna check in this chapter book.
Mom: you're gonna check? Peeker...Whats her name?
C: Not tonight...starlight...right there!!
Mom: whats her name? That other horse? Remember? lets see, if its on here, hmmmmmm...right there. Whats it say?
C: Midnight!!
Mom: Midnight!!! Thats right. Ok...
C: haley made a wish star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may I wish I might, have my starlight come back tonight. Just then the star moved!!
Mom: the star moved!! What was it?!
C: Its starlight!!
Mom: Its starlight...
C: Starlights come out...
Mom: coming out of the woods?
C: No, get out of the dark woods, out and see Haley. They are friends again.
Mom: come out of the dark woods? And see haley and be friends again? Awesome!!
C: It is a great day!!!
Mom: It is a great day.
C: and Haley walked down, a little bit closer...
Mom: yeah, a little bit closer
C: yeah, haley see'd the starlight the star on horsies head
Mom: I bet she did. Keep reading...
C: A high winny filled the air, the star came closer!
Mom: do stars come down to see us?
C: yeah!!
Mom: they do?
C: yep. Michelle its a real star.
Mom: is it a real star?
C: nope, its a different kinda star, on your forehead like this...its a star on her forehead.
Mom: its a star on the horses forehead isnt it?
C: Why do you get a star on the horses forehead? Why?
Mom: It was just born that way.
C: What do you mean, born?
Mom: When it was born, when it was a new baby.
C: When he was born, he was a baby.
Mom: Starlight, that was what haley named her. Remember? (shes picking her nose...ugh...) Thats NICE, get your finger outta your nose you geek. Get yer toe outta yer nose, too. Ciarra, ive got you on tape, you dont want Mrs Z to see that, now stop it.
C: okkkkkkkkk
Mom: finish your story please, you...booger picker.
C: come closer!! Theres starlight, and Starlight is headed for Haley.
Mom: she is headed for haley, cause she loves her, huh?
C: She makes her hug and be friends again.
Mom: they're gonna hug?
C: Yeah, she will feed him, and drink...
Mom: what do horses eat?
C: carrots and apples and hay.
Mom: and what do they drink?
C: water
Mom: do they drink orange juice?
C: nah, cmon little sucker
Mom: who drinks oj?
C: families duh...(she tries to change the duh cause mom does not like it at all) Oh yeah, I know...
Mom: what?
C; water. Horses love hot water.
Mom: They do? Cool.
C: Starlight, haley called. Starlight stepped out of the darkness she trotted toward haley.

A true friendship
Mom: whats a friendship.
C: a friendship means having picnics and play at a playground,
Mom: thats what a friendship is, a picnic and some playground?
C: and ice cream for after dinner
Mom: how many people are there in a friendship?
C: me, jade, sierra, jenna, renee, jacob...a different jacob at my school
Mom: did you go to a different jacobs house after school?
C: yep
Mom: you have too many playdates
C: Hmmm
Mom: hmmm, youre always gone
C: Haley went forward Starlight if you should (eww...booger...)
Mom: just read...
C: haley went forward, Its you, she yelled! She threw her arms around the filly. Good work, Haley, Mr Clark said. Lets take her home.
Mom: good reading Ciarra Nichole!!
C: Michelle, starlights really jump her feet. Because haley just got her called really really loud in this jungle...
Mom: she was in the jungle?
C: Soon, they were back in the barn. Haleys mom was there with midnight. You found Starlight, haleys mom said. Starlight found us, haley said. She heard me call her name. She came when you called mrs clark said. She is really your horse now.
Mom: that horse loves haley
C: haley got the rope, and starlight just go ahead, and mom and daddy tied the thread...
Mom: reins/bridle
C: bridle...Michelle, because midnight has no star on her forehead, just her hair. Starlight has a star in it. Starlight is like a star.
Haley put starlight in the stall with midnight midnight nuzzled (whats nuzzled?) her foal. Mr clark gave midnight a carrot. Then starlight pulled a carrot from haleys pocket. Haley smiled.
Mom: why did she smile?
C: because the horsey loved her.
Mom: the horsey loved her.
C: because hes back to families
because her mom was really sad her little baby, he lost. The big horsey midnight he cried, and he on the farm and he lost the foal and never see him again. Midnight was really sad about her starlight. Yeah, he was real confused. Sometimes horses are scared, sometimes.