Saturday, June 23, 2007

Come share my joy?

a little montage tribute to some very special angels in our lives. And theres a real nice shot of Ciarra hitting a BIG ball a few nights ago in the playoffs. I hope you will take heart and hope from this. And please make sure you catch what happens AFTER she comes around home plate...when the kids meet her at the dugout door. This video has been a real joy to make, it is emotional and sentimental and just JOYFUL for me. I was so afraid to try letting her move up to pitch baseball. And once again, my precious and beautiful little girl has proved she is in FULL control.

See the guy in the pic with her? His name is Corey. I never knew him till baseball started. He is the dad of a little boy named Devin on the team. NICE little guy, sweet as can be, and a REAL good player. Anyway, Corey was at the early practices, and I was trying to make sure Ciarra was paying attention enough, worrying way too much cause she was fine. He asked me if I felt comfortable with him being the extra pair of hands IF needed for her. Of course, then I could take PICS
I didnt expect him to do it all season. But he and Ciarra took a real liking to each other. He called her his batting buddy, and she was smitten. Wasnt long before Corey was out there whenever she was, coaching her on, with NO ONE asking him to, praising her at every step, reminding her the few times she needed it, and being her own personal coach in a way. They have made this bond that is so cool, when she heads out to the field now she looks to see where Corey is. He gives her just enough space, but is quick to remind her "throw to that base, run to third" etc. She was the Pitcher for a few weeks in the beginning (they trade off) and he stood guard near her in case a line drive came too fast for her to stop. The one time one did, by the way, she stopped it and kept two runs from scoring. He was as proud as *I* was. The games are usually at night, when Jim is still at work. It seems like Corey realized that I wanted to just be mom, but was too worried and trying to make things go smoothly for everyone, and he just stepped in. He is gentle, sweet, and so kind to both of us. He has made this whole thing go like clockwork. He reminds me every game how WELL she is doing, and just takes it for granted that he will be out there if she needs him. It lets me be MOM, and relax a bit. Sometimes you forget just how kind people can be. I feel like Ciarra has an ally in the world now, and I kinda do too. I hope he coaches next year.


Rodrigo said...

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Shelley said...

Oh that was just wonderful!!! I have been thinking of getting my twins (one with DS) a TBall gizmo for Christmas and after watching this - I definitely will. Lovely.

tAnYeTTa said...

check out her moves. tapping the plate before she hits the ball, takes off her hat in victory!!!!!!!----and best of all-------i love how she came to give her momma a high five. that is just precious. a natural winner. i loved this video. the song made me cry. who is that singing????