Friday, June 01, 2007

Heartbreaking. Irritating. Mostly heartbreaking.

took Ciarra in to school today, she has her spring concert, and it is a BIG deal to her. All dressed up, hair looking pretty. :) She got to her reg classroom, and she usually has time to be there for a bit, but we were late, so she was expected in SPec Ed room. She did NOT want to go. When she walked in the door, 2 little friends walked over and hugged her, told her she looked beautiful today. They were just starting to go sit and read a book together when the teacher said "Ciarra you HAVE to go". Her friend Renee tried to ask if she could walk with her, teacher said no.

Poor Ciarra, she is so sad. She wants so badly to stay there. She loves the kids there, and they her. So anyway, we walk down to SE, and she is greeted with smiles and hugs there too, but she wants to go back to her classroom. And she has to go to Special Ed instead. And I CANT change this right now, and it breaks my heart.

I know this is not going to sound right, but...she is SO high functioning. Kids who dont do half of what she does are included in other states...why not HER? It kills me to see it, she HATES it. Sigh...I could just cry, she is so capable, if they would just TRY.

Then I got home and got an email, Center for Community Inclusion will be observing her the week of the 9th. We had asked for Inclusion for her for next year at her IEP, and been turned down flat. The school "doesn't DO Inclusion". I had an advocate with me from Maine Disability Rights Center, she had suggested using The Maine Center for Community Inclusion. We didn't think they would have scheduling time enough to observe her this year. The school said we could wait till fall, when she would already be a 3rd grader, not Inluded. Then we could "address concerns". I wanted it done this year, and a plan for Inclusion to be in place BEFORE 3rd grade. At least the school agreed to have her assessed. It costs a LOT of money, $700 bucks per hour. I would give them my right arm if they could make this work for Ciarra. I assume the school will be paying for it. I just hope and pray I get some support to keep her included. I am sad for her today, and I feel powerless. All I can do now is hope and pray CCI helps make the school understand. This child CAN be in a regular classroom, SHOULD be in a regular classroom. She deserves the chance, and it is the LAW. If CCI cant help us work it out, I will have no choice but to go to court. I hope it doesn't get that far. I just want to not have to fight. But make no mistake. I WILL fight.

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Tammy and Parker said...

I am thrilled to hear that you will fight if you can't get your daughter included.

You are right. She does belong there.