Sunday, November 11, 2007

MoreOn Trivia

I was driving to work today, and had the radio on Clear Channel, listening to Glenn Beck, which I sometimes do. This time I caught the beginning of a show that absolutely blew my mind. I would like to share why with you here:

Radio host Glenn Beck hosts a morning show on which a game called “More-On Trivia” is played on Fridays during football season. The segment was originally named “Moron Trivia”, however, Glenn was feeling guilty over calling the clerks morons. The title of the segment was changed to “More on Trivia” (also written More-on Trivia or Mor(e)on Trivia) in 2003. (A site that tracks the show is here: ) During football season, mostly on Fridays, calls are made to convenience stores in the cities where each NFL team is based to speak to a “Shelf Replenishment Engineer”. Each city it pitted against the other. Four questions are asked per quarter. The question range from politics to “What color is the sky?” The city with the most points indicates the show’s pick for the game in question. Inevitably, the answers are wrong, or given by folks with limited command of the English language.

The game in and of itself is despicable, but the song that opens the show is far worse. It is a song apparently sung by Hank Williams Jr to the tune of the “Monday night football” song, (“do you wanna party?”) in which the mentally retarded are mocked and demeaned. The song can be heard by going here, at the bottom.

“Are you ready for some morons?
An idiot party
We’re all hanging with Glenn
And our mission is to call up
And mess with the retarded.
Yeah their teeth are gnashing
Helmets on too tight
And all the imbeciles are back
for More-On fights.
Everybody is a fan
Of those riding in a special van
Got their heads deep in the sand
And a short attention span.
When they ring up your gas
Your change is never right
All the imbeciles are back for moron fights.

Click here to hear the song.

Beck has a disabled child, and yet continues the tradition of bashing the disabled, using More-on Trivia so he can "mess with the retarded," as the catchy jingle goes, and mocking the mentally retarded with his Jeopretardy game on the air. From his book:

"Political correctness is a poison, a poison that has deviously infiltrated our society in some parts and been welcomed with open arms in others. It has taken the strongest and darkest feelings that we possess, and driven them deep into our souls. It has created a generation of liars."

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Bethany Olson (gbesco) said...

I just had to thank you for posting this link on I had no idea that Glenn had this song!! My husband & I will not be listening to his show again. I've e-mailed both him & his chief writer & I called Clear Channel & left my comments. I am so completely disgusted. How in the world can he pick on people who can't defend themselves? That is not humor--it's called bullying!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think that the song is wrong at all. Its a joke. You can hear Glenn in the background saying "there not retarded" and after the line about the special van Glenn says "Holy cow!" as if he was in disbelief that the singer said that.

This is just a the entire more on trivia show. People take things so seriously...

Anonymous said...

Glenn doesn't make fun of people with down syndrome he is poking fun at folks that are not politically saavy.

What is wrong with that? People do it all the time. And personally I'm sick of all this political correctness.

Michelle said...

Dear Anon,
you know what? I LIKE Glenn Beck. Honest, I do. I love his intelligence, his humor, his matter of factness, and of course his conservatism. But it is all of those things that also mame me REALLY dislike this brand of "humor". He is simply too smart for it. And honestly, not sure what disability his child has, but the words "politically correct" go right out the window when you feel the words that are meant to describe your child medically being used against other people for being dumb.
A few weeks ago I listened to his show, and they were doing this "game" for the first time in awhile. And you know, I laughed at the answers some of the clerks gave. The premise is FUNNY, but why is it ever ok to mock people who do ride the "short bus" or are mentally retarded? Cant we find something ELSE to call people who are not genetically predisposed to lower iq, and not throw "stupid" and "reatrded" into the same basket? My daughter is not stupid. But yeah, she does learn things more slowly. She also walks the halls at a school where other kids throw the word retard around like a weapon, and where she herself has been labeled as such on occassion. Can you imagine being the parent of a little kid that is destined to be gay, then being hit by all the fears and worries when you find out he really is? The word fag suddenly hurts, it has a meaning that intends to reduce him to some descriptor that forgets he is somebodys baby, somebodys son, a living breathing human who deserves the dignity of the words.
Google "retard" and then think about it. Do you really want to be a part of something that has been used in so very many brutal ways to hurt people who cannot help how they were born? YOU might not mean it in "that way", but most everyone else does. For me, people like Glenn Beck have so much power, and they are plenty smart to find another word. Why sould they? Because that one hurts. I doubt he would like knowing that his words cut me to the bone, or that his humor being "acceptable" meant other people with lesser compassion wouldnt find the line between humor and pain, and would get a kick out of using the term to make a fragile little girl a one-dimenional caricature instead of the amazing and multi-faceted person she is. If all we need to know about someone is that they are "retarded" or a "fag" or worse, than shame on us for being the dumb ones. Again, as her mom, the words HURT, and I simply will never understand why anyone thinks they can tell me not to worry about it, to suck it up. My feelings are just that, mine. And as long as I breathe, I will protect my daughter from the hateful words out there that attempt to define her as too stupid to know better.

Anonymous said...

I heard of the for the first time yesterday as some of my co-workers listen to this idiocy (very unfortunately). However, I did find it very disparaging that people are being made fun of in this way. He should be ashamed of himself.

Anonymous said...

This is literally the most disgusting and cruel attacks on some of the most defenseless members of our society. If these people that he is calling are not actually clinically mentally challenged or even mentally ill at times, they are at least financial underdogs, maybe immigrants or some other less fortunate group. Under any circumstances they should not be preyed upon by a wealthy man that wishes to make himself wealthier at the expense of others (and open minded free thought for that matter). If you were trying to pay rent (possibly raise children) on $7.15 an hour you too may not be up on the latest politics either (If homelessness or hunger are constantly on your mind...politics and current events would likely fall by the wayside) That doesn't give anyone the right to call you a moron. Some people do not have the luxury of being able to study politics or other social issues all day therefore their ignorance is excusable. This man's ignorance on the other hand is horrifyingly inexcusable and his cruelty intentional. He spends all day researching his issues and plotting his attack to pick on unsuspecting defenseless people...disgusting. I'm sorry that so many in this country have such low self esteem that they would enjoy this type of "humor." It is so sad that listening to this garbage is what people do to make themselves feel better. This is bullying, if you think this behavior is ok...go back to junior high sicko.