Thursday, December 06, 2007

so...I spent 350 plus bucks on a toy dinosaur

and I have been second guessing myself a bit. I have been following Pleo for over a year now, anticipating this...thing...that the inventors would have us believe is...almost real. Ok, so Im a critic, and I have had moments of serious doubt about my own intelligence. It IS, after all, just a toy. A really cute, incredibly...intelligent?...toy. I wavered, I waffled, I whined. I worried. Lotta money. A. Lot. Of. Money. A few of the new videos that I have seen seemed to show it as being a little noisier than I would have liked. There is a delay in one of the most exciting features, which we are told will be available for download...soon. In pleo time, soon can be very subjective. But still, I have been excitedly tracking Pleos journey from China, to Alaska (the North Pole?) and Ohio...havent checked where he is today but I will. Then I saw this video, which was actually kind of hard to watch. Which really makes me wonder if my sanity has slipped away. Because in the video, testers are beating up Pleo. They are choking him, slapping him around, stuffing him in bags...abuse, Pleo abuse. There should be a hotline for that. What? You dont believe me? Watch the video. Then tell me if you dont feel like protecting this little mass of computer chips and wires, big blue eyes and a voice full of...terror. Ok, ok, Im crazy. But it IS terror. he is afraid. He hangs his head, he responds to the abuse as you would expect to do. They choke him and he makes a CHOKING sound. And you want to reach in and rescue him. Hurry home, Pleo, you will be safe here.
The following Video shows graphic abuse of a defenseless...robot


Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Yeah! You've lost your mind! $350??? What 800 # do I call to commit you?

Megan's got 47 said...

Is it ok to laugh at your post? I did a little. Sorry ;)
You just have a lot of time and money invested so it must seem way worse to me it looked like someone testing the limits of a toy.
Love ya Chelle!

LeeJo said...

TOOOO funny!

Michelle said...

see, I have that same visceral reaction when I watch a movie that portrays violence against people. The blood, screams, wounds arent real, but my mind perceives them as real and I respond emotionally. I have never seen Passion of the Christ, for instance, because I know that level of violence...even fake violence...will undo me.
The Pleo...I know it isnt real, I know that it is just a toy, an object, and that it doesnt feel pain. But it acts like it does, and I dont enjoy watching it. It brings out a funny response in me, to protect it, to make them stop hurting it. Imagine 100 yrs from now, the power of robots to make us feel emotional ties to them? It amazes me that I would have this response, KNOWING it is a robot. But it also makes me think "wow, that is REALLY good stuff."