Monday, December 03, 2007

Who do you love...and not?

I still have not chosen my candidate!!!!! ARGH! I always thought this would be easy for me, but nope. Found the link above, which sort of quizzes you on what issues matter most. There are 20 issues I think, you give each a certain weight by giving them plus or minus numbers, you only have 20 points to start, so you have to think about what issues MOST matter...which sort of leaves you a one issue voter...unless you repeat the quiz to give more weight to other issues. I was surprised by who I align with, even after revoting several times, giving different weight to various issues. It doesnt just tell you who you line up with, if you click their names it also takes you to a comparison chart that measures your togetherness (or not) and shows you their record/thoughts on those issues. Pretty cool...although I still dont know who Im voting for for sure!!

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