Sunday, January 20, 2008

Love & Hate

I've been tagged! Shannon at GabisWorld has tagged me to list my LOVEs & HATEs. Oh boy, here goes:

I love my family so passionately
but I hate doing their laundry!
I love my dogs Blue and Bella
but I hate having animals underfoot in the kitchen
I LOVE my Patriots
I hate that in 2 weeks, the season is over :(
I dearly love my best friend Wendy
and hate that she lives 30 minutes away now
I LOVE girl scout cookies
but hate that they are SO fattening
I love to sleep in
but hate that Jim is an early bird and I wake up alone most days
I love that Ciarra has Down syndrome
but I hate that she has these damn sinus infections all the time.
I love blogging
and hate that I dont have the courage to write..for real
I love Maine
I HATE the cold winters
I love to hear Hunter Michael giggle
and I hate when he cries
I LOVE apple dumplings
and hate that they take SO long to make
I lovelovelove football games my son plays in
I hate poor sportsmanship..all too common
I love to stay up late
I hate being overtired
I love being an American
I hate the divisiveness in our world
I love babies
I hate abortion
I love Jim
I hate worrying about him all the time

thats all, I guess...

I am going to hafta tag some folks tomorrow...bed calls.