Friday, January 11, 2008

so so sad to report

that little Sergey of Reece's Rainbow has passed away. He was sent to the Institution in the middle of last year. 80% of children dont survive a year in those places. May God hold him and love him and tell him he was loved.

My blood ran cold reading this. It seems incomprehensible that this lively and beautiful little boy would have ever been sent to a place which would care so little for him that he would die within months. My heart aches for him, and even more for the children that remain.

Aleksa is still out there (I checked) and still facing the same fate. May God take mercy on these innocents. And may I somehow, in some way, find an answer to why He is pulling me to these children every waking moment of my life for months now.

My thoughts are also with my friend Meredith, who is on a mission to get to her child quickly, before her fate is sealed in the Institution. God speed, dear friend.

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