Monday, March 31, 2008

our weekend

What a CRAZY busy weekend we had. We went to Build A Bear Friday, Soring fair Staurday, then a kids concert are back to school and I need to get to work, but wanted to share this short montage. Ciarra got chosen to go onstage for the Rick Charrette concert. She was So funny. She watches way too much Barney, she came out blwoing kisses and waving her arms, grinning from ear to ear. I was really proud of her, she did the hand movements right and was so well-behaved. She bowed and curtsied at the end, waved and blew kisses to her fans (me, Wendy and Hunter & Amara lol) She LOVES the stage. Busy weekend, but so fun, and she is so happy lately. I just love this smiley kid.


Wendy said...

She is so beautiful.... Everytime I watch your montages with her a tear comes to my eye. She reminds of my Carley (only bigger) and I hope that both of my little girls will grow up into a sweet and beautiful a young lady as your Ciarra.


Tilly Cat & Pip-Squeak said...

Look at how grown up Ciarra looks! I loved watching this, she looked so happy and radiant... I just wanted to kiss those cheeks!


Katrina Stonoff said...

I linked over from your wise and gentle comment to What Was I Reviewing?'s negative review of Jennifer Graf Groneberg's memoir, Roadmap to Holland.

Just wanted to say thanks. I watched the montage with tears in my eyes. Your daughter is lovely!

Mine is 10 years old, and at the awkward, coltish stage where sometimes she acts like a grown girl and sometimes she acts like a child. LOL. I can see glimpses of who she is becoming, though, and I am eager to get to know that girl.

Your montage helped me see another little glimpse of the lovely young woman my daughter will be someday too.


(What was the song though? It was very sweet.)

Michelle said...

Celine Dionne's "A Mother's Prayer" was the song. Thank you for writing, and your sweet comments. Ciarra will be 10 in June, so hard to imagine. Thanks for writing, I hope you will visit again.

melody is slurping life said...

Ciarra takes my breath away...really. She is beautiful and full of life. And I just love the way the ends of her gorgeous hair curl around her enchanting smile.

Thank you for sharing her.