Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Retard"...again....does it ever stop hurting to hear this word?


Rene' Morris said...

That word, to me, means absolutely nothing. I've called myself that because it is a word that I've noticed doesn't apply to anyone but those of us who do dumb things. When I hear that word, Down Syndrome doesn't come to mind. Dropping my pedometer in the toilet comes to mind. It's like that word has lost it's power, to me. HOWEVER, I realize that it hurts many others. Because I know this, I refrain from using it and won't allow my children to use it. But I want you to know that it has no power in my home. When I think of those with Down Syndrome or whatever else, I think of words like: Gifted (or given as gifts), unconditional love, beautiful smiles, knowledge and more. You know that I believe that children with Down Syndrome were sent to us to teach us how to love as Christ loved. They are teachers, reminders and the promise that God still has faith in us. Ciarra is a beautiful gift and I am soooo glad that she was given to you. Look at how many people she has already taught. I seriously love her and I have never met her in person. The word retarded has no power for many but for just as many, it cuts like a knife and people need to know this.

Charissa said...

I love that guy for what he did for his sister and others like her. Thank you for sharing that.

Stephanie said...

So strange that you posted this. I just watched it again last night. POWERFUL.

I feel like I need to respond to Renee. The problem is "the r word" does not mean dumb....it means to learn more slowly...people have changed the meaning to mean dumb, taken our children's diagnosis to make the word to have the meaning of dumb...it is not ok to say it about yourself, you may be dumb for dropping your pedometer into the john, but you are no where near "the r word".....no offense.