Friday, May 30, 2008

I feel...vaguely

Ciarra had her spring concert today. Afterwards, a lady that I have really come to respect, a mom of one of Ciarra's little friends, stopped me in the hall. she told me she reads my blog.





I was shocked (not sure why?) to know anyone had "found me out". Not sure what I was expecting, but it truly stunned me. Im not so sure I was very gracious in my response. Dumbfounded is a good word. (Did I mention wow?)

I was humbled, she had very nice things to say about it. But I guess I never really expected anyone but my blogging buddies to read my stuff. She actually asked me if it was ok, probably because I had taken on the look of a fish out of water teehee. It is absolutely ok. It is just...a little weird. :) Kinda like that commercial about the little girl where strangers are commenting on her underpants.

I promise NOT to disclose anything untoward about my underpants if my dear anon reader will promise not to hold anything I say against me when I whine or brag too much. I am actually quite honored that she finds me readable. Did I mention that her kids are REALLY cute? ;)

Yes. Its ok. It is really actually

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