Thursday, May 15, 2008

my weekly heart attack

I went to a friends house tonight to try to get her pc running, was gone a few hours. Ciarra went with me. Jim went coyote hunting, Kristin was out with friends, Jesse is on his Maine Studies trip. The 6th, 7th and 8th graders go on a trip every yr to somewhere in Maine to learn about nature, survival etc. This year they're gone Wed early am to friday late night. They sleep out in the elements, hike Cadillac mountain, and survive. I missed him the minute he left today, and of course, I all knew that, right?

So, I get home tonight and the phone is ringing, Jim grabs it, it is Dr A (our Ped) he says "this is Dr A, may I speak to Jesse's mom Michelle?" (dont know who he thought he was talking to lol) Anyway, Jim gets this VERY worried look on his face, hands me the phone. We both thought right away maybe Ciarras tests had turned up bad, after all...then Jim says "he said JESSE's Mom!"...uhoh.

I listen, Jim paces...Dr asks if Jesse is in the ER, "where is Jesse right now?"...Im like "no, he isnt in the ER, he is...omg...hes on his class trip...whats going ON?!" he asks me if there is ANY way that Jesse has been brought to the hosp without my knowledge.."they'de call you, right?"

Im starting to panic a little...Jim is past that. WHATS GOING ON??? He says that he just got lab reports for Jesse, his bdate, his ss number, our phone number, everything checks out...and the labs are BAD. Something about a calcium level(??? how can calcium levels be so bad?) and that if this IS Jesse, he needs to be in the PICU NOW....holy crap WHAT IS GOING ON???

He says it may be some weird accident, that it doesnt look right, some other Docs name on the paperwork, a doc that isnt even here anymore, no vital signs done etc...he wonders WHATS GOING ON???

He tells me he will call the ER, for me to call and find a way to check on he ok? is he on the trip and safe? can I even reach them up on the Mountain?

Doc calls the ER to see if Jesse is there, I call several chaperones I know who went on their cells..of course no reception. UGH. I call the Principal at 9:30 at night...."uh, Im so sorry to call, but do you know if something has happened to my son? wouldnt someone call me? Can we reach anyone to check on him???" Principal is freaked out, too. He goes to the school in his jammies, gets cell phone numbers, and calls me back.

In the meantime, on the other line, Doc A is calling...Jesse is NOT in the ER, they are talking to the lab this a fluke report? WHATS GOING ON?

I play juggle with the lines, tell the Principal that Doc says Jesse is NOT at the ER...could Jesse be at an ER nearer the Mountain? He starts to call every cell phone he can, Doc A lets me go and starts calling the Lab, because SOME kid is very ill and needs to be admitted quickly...hes talking extremely serious stuff.

Principal THANKFULLY calls me back, he has reached a teacher there, Jesse is there and ok, safe and sound, has not been to any doctors. I can breathe, feel my stomach tighten and want to puke...omg. Jim is standing looking at me wondering which way do we GO to make sure this boy is safe? I am so relieved you cannot even imagine.

IF something happened, what the HELL would I do? I love this little kid so much it makes me ache to even think of him being hurt and me not there. I was So scared. And I hope whoever the kid really was that he is safe tonight, too, because no mother should have to worry that her little boy is so sick and be so helpless to do anything for him.

UPDATE: Thurs AM. The chaperones are starting to call me back, seeing m number on their...ahem...many cellphones. LOL I explain, they all tell me he is fine, had a great breakfast, they would call me, dont worry. Phew.

To clarify: OUR Ped had absolutely zero to do with this. His only part in it was to be the recipient of the bad lab results. He is as freaked out by the mistake as I am, and obviously worried about the other kid, too. I probably wont get to find out more, for confidentiality reasons, but Im sure praying this other little guy is safe, too. Scary.

His email to me tonight reminds me WHY we love this guy:

As the phone rang and rang, I had visions of you and Jim being in the ED or in the PICU. I scoured PowerChart looking for any electronic trace. When Jim answered the phone in a nonchalant manner, I knew right away there was nothing wrong. Jesse couldn’t have an ionized calcium of 2.4 with non anxious parents sitting at home. So, it was so much relief when he was OK.
They are trying to track down any emergency room doctors who ordered a calcium level around 7:10 AM. Then, they can correlate who the patient was. It is very possible the patient is somewhere at home. Scary. Who knows? Maybe I am saving a life and don’t even know it.

I am so glad he is OK. I was frantic before I called you. And to think people think doctors don’t care.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Uh yeah, that would just about do it for me! sheesh! I'm so glad he's ok! Praying for the other child!

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

YIKES! Yeah, I'd have the same reaction as you! Hope the other kid is alright.

Mary said...

Wow, how scary. I'm glad Jesse is safe. It sounds like you have one great doc!

As We Sail... said...

What an ordeal, all while Jesse slept through the night. Glad he is okay.