Saturday, June 28, 2008

Birthday party!!

We had a GRA+EAT day today. Ciarra had her birthday party...she turned ten yesterday. We decided to have it at a water park about an hour away. We rented a 15 pssgr van to haul the kids that needed rides, and some other families joined us there. It was a VERY busy day. We rode gokarts, climbed the climbing wall, did the trampoline slingshot thing, played mini golf, did the water slides, had pizza and cake and ice cream and LOTS of fun.
Ciarra has 13 kids in her class, ten of the thirteen came! 2 others canceled this morning, one was sick :( We had those ten, plus Hunter & Amara, Andrea & Aislynn, Kristin, her friend Davey, Jesse and his friend Peter, Ciarra's friend Margaret (who also has DS!) and several other friends: Wendy, Emily, Betty Ann, Margarets big sister (forgot her name)...and me and Jim.
LOTS of people needing cake! Good thing we had a HUGE HUGE Hannah Montana cake! Ciarra got piles of awesome, thoughtful presents, and the kids all had a really good time. I was able to find a playstation 2 game of Monster House, which is her new absolute favorite movie...she was SO excited!!

I was so pleased to see how they included Margaret in their group. Even though she doesnt go to their school, they know her through Ciarra, she did Special Olympics with her and came to some practices at our school before playdates with they knew her. It was neat to see them grab her hand and bring her right into the circle. I think inclusion has so many awesome gifts for us, and today margaret was one of the gang because a whole classroom full of kids does not fear Down syndrome. Neat!!
I am SO tired. But we had an incredible time. I hope the kids enjoyed it as much as they seemed to. It was a really fun way to celebrate double digits. Did I mention that my kid has NO fear!? she was loving the water slides. And the temp here today was 63 degrees and overcast, lol.

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WheresMyAngels said...

Happy Late Birthday! Looks like alot of fun! What alot of cool things they had there.

But I missed seeing pics of Wendy, wanted to see if she had some short sleeve plaid shirts!! lol