Wednesday, August 27, 2008

a 4th grader and an 8th grader

the kids started school today. Ciarra is in 4th grade. Her new teacher was kind enough to spend a few hours with me this summer, asking good questions, wondering how to best teach Ciarra. I worry every year, but I wont worry that this woman will care about her...that is obvious. I was at work at noon when I got this email:

Just testing to see if this works. It's 10;15 and Ciarra is off to a
great day and a great year. She seems happy and is working hard. All is
well. Trish

"All is well." That was music to my ears. How kind of her to take the time to reassure me. And so she did.

Jesse is in 8th grade, and he did just fine, too. Football after school, homework, and a little Xbox Live, he just went to bed. From the sounds of things, he did ok, too.

4th grader/8th grader,college babies are growing up.

Oh yeah, in Ciarra's communication notebook was a letter, it said:

Ciarra's first day of school as a 4th grader: She is off to a fantastic start! Seems happy, and worked hard on a word search with the rest of the class. I asked if she wanted a partner, and she said she was "all set" alone.
We are busy going over rules and schedules. Her specialist schedule is in the front of her assignment book.

12:30 Lunch/Recess all went well. What a lovely young lady! It's going to be a great year. Her homework for today is to read for 30 minutes, or she can work on her Clicker 5 program instead, I know how she loves that. Have a nice evening!

As a parent of a kid with special needs, we are prone to worry more, I think. will they be liked? Will the teacher want to teach them? Will they see who she really is, and work hard to bring out her potential?
I think the answer is a resounding yes. Of course, I reserve the right to panic once in awhile, but already I know...yes, she wants her there, yes she likes her, and yes...she can and will find every bit of potential in my amazing little girl. Breathe, mom.
(I have misplaced my camera...not sure how...but...will post first day pics later...I hope.)

3 comments: said...

What a gem of a teacher you have found! Ciarra is going to have a wonderful year!

Tammy and Parker

My Opposite Boys said...

How could anyone NOT want Ciarra in the classroom? She's so great. I'm glad you can't take a little breather!

Shawnie said...

Can I move there for 4th grade??? WOW! How wonderful for you and especially for Ciarra. Thanks for the encouragement. You are an inspiration in how you are raising your family.