Saturday, August 02, 2008

loving strangers

this is Emma, who is the dear daughter of my dear friend Meredith. Emma is a fighter, and that is putting it mildly. She has overcome so many huge obstacles, neglect in an orphanage in Ukraine, malnutrition, boredom, heart defects so serious she should have died many years ago. And yet..there she is...not just alive, but living, smiling, laughing, and so loved. This little one has been through things that would have brought me to my knees, and she doesnt complain. Just that precious smile, those beautiful eyes looking at all of us with trust, faith that we will do all we can to deserve her. I love this kid. It makes no sense whatsoever, that I would feel such an overpowering love for her, a little girl I have never met, whose mom I have never even met, and yet is a powerful thing. Since the days when her name was Daria, and she laid dying in her little green sweater, imploring us with her eyes to care about her and others like her...she has had my heart. I have had the privelege of seeing her on webcam many times, and every single one of them has left me thinking she was more angelic than the last. This little girls skin alone is sheer beauty, add those beautiful eyes and that quick smile, and you are hooked.
Emma is having major surgery Monday morning, surgery many Doctors said she couldnt, shouldnt, wouldnt have. Her Momma is a fighter too, and she knew that Emma deserved a chance. And she kept battling for Emma, even after being told no. Emma's surgery will try to correct her heart and the pressures in her lungs brought about by medical neglect and lack of faith. It is a scary surgery, a huge surgery. I know I'm scared, and I know her mom and dad are scared too. But they have so much faith, that giving her this chance is so important, they are willing to hand her to God and say "thy will be done". Not our will, not our most fervent wishes for healing, but GOD'S will. I told Meredith that I am not good at that, I want to rant and rave and scream, "Do it, just DO IT, you know you can." But I know that she is in God's hands, and only He will get to choose her future. But we can pray, and that is what I am asking. Even if you are like me, and you arent there yet, if you arent someone who knows the words, if you are afraid your request will offend God....just say these words "Thy will be done"...maybe the more of us that pray in her honor, the better her chances will be. Say a prayer for this precious little girl, that she will be given a break, and that she will sail through this surgery and live to fullfill all the little desires of her life, all the wishes her Mommy wishes. Emma, we love you, baby girl. Stay strong.

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