Friday, September 12, 2008

Dear Mr Obama


Anonymous said...

Chris said...

Thanks for that link ana.

The video got me thinking about government programs. If there is less government--who is going to pay for the infrastructure improvements, the schools, programs like the early intervention programs my son receives?

I guess that if our taxes are lower then the consumer would have more money in their pockets--money that would then go to paying for private schools, paying directly for improvements in our roads.

I think that the video also doesn't address that if the middle class gets a tax cut while the upper class pays more taxes, that additional income the middles will receive will be put back into the economy. The majority of our nation's population would be able to spend more.

Ok, so maybe some corporate CEOs may need to get rid of a car, or a house, or a private jet because they are not getting the tax break they are accustomed to.

It doesn't need to trickle down so the lower economic classes feel the brunt of the upper class getting taxed more.

In my book, the rich don't need to get any richer. The middle class does, and as they do, our economy will get the boost it needs.

Of course, what do I know, I'm not an economist, but I do remember the economy being in good shape under Clinton and I look at it now, after 8 years of George W., and I'm not too confident in McCain turning things around.