Thursday, December 18, 2008

awwwwwwwwww! Thanks, Ruby's Mom!

I just got home and found I had been nominated for an award. someone thinks my blog is FABULOUS....why THANK YOU!!! I peeked at yours, too, and omg, that is one CAYUUUUTE baby. Ruby's Mommy, who is new to the DS world, nominated me. Very very sweet. Go check out her blog, give her a few words of encouragement...and by the way, did I mention how CUTE lil Miss Ruby is? Yep, THAT cute. :)

Now I have to pick 5 others to send it to:

Shea has a blog that I love to read. It is basically a love letter to her son, Oskar, whom she has never met...yet. Her words move me to tears. She hopes to bring him home soon. He is beautiful...see for yourself:

See, the thing is, Oskar is my child. Maybe he is not my birth child, but he is mine. So as more time passes and the more real to me he gets, the more I worry. Like every mother I want the best for my children, even if that means I go without. So I worry about whether he is loved, held, told he is handsome and smart. I worry if he has a tummy ache. I wonder of someone cuddles him when he is sick. In the midst of all this worry, I feel totallly helpless. It's the same as when someone else looks after your kids. You know that NO ONE is going to do it the way you have. That being said, I am utterly confident that they take good care of Oskar. So with every delay, I have to step back and trust that he is getting what he deserves and needs. My mind tells me he is and that he is very fortunate to live in the country he does, reside in the orphanage he does, and have such caring workers to look after him. However, my heart knows he needs his mommy. So each delay makes me feel like I am loosing control(not a good thing for a control freak). I think I deserve to feel a little bonkers at times. This whole hague thing is enough to make you loose your mind. It does not help that when I do anything I jump in with my whole heart and soul. If I love I do it passionately and with everything I have. I refuse to be afraid, but worry sneaks in when I least expect it. I'd rather do that afterward when I have something to be afraid of. I just want him home. I want him to know that I HAVE LOOKED ALL MY LIFE FOR HIM.

Beautiful, huh?

Ok, how bout number 2 is Charrissa? She is a funny, amazing, AWESOME Mommy of a handful of little ones...and she does it with STYLE. She adopted one of the apples of my eye not very long ago. You can read all about them over there, Miss Ava is just BLOSSOMING. Sigh...its a love story, Im a sap. ;)

Number 3-Shelley. Ok, ok, another adoption blog. Adoption might be why I found them, but it isnt why I keep reading. SOMEHOW she takes it all in stride, young kids, Army husband, several moves, medical stuff. Shes awesome, dont take my word for it...go read.

Number 4- Meredith

I had the absolute pleasure to meet she and her REALLY BEAUTIFUL family recently. Wow. 4 BABIES...little ones...and she makes it look easy. Her hubby is a sweetheart, her kids are angels..honest...and oh yeah...2 of them are adopted. But I knew her before the adoption, so this one doesnt count. :)

Number 5 is Adrienne. She doesnt really know me. But I can honestly say I think of her at least once a day. She is an AWESOME Mommy to a precious little guy named Owen. Her story will make you laugh and cry and everything in between. Seeing Owen grow and change over the last yr or so has touched me deeply. Lucky, lucky boy...and lucky parents too. If I could give one miracle for Christmas, it would be to Adrienne, and I bet she knows what it would be, You will too, go read....

And I have to list 5 Fab. things:

toradol-its a pain med. Im currently on it, spent the day in teh ER, kidney stones...yippee.

my family- I LOVE these people. I even like them. And it just keeps getting better.

Christmas-isnt Christmas FUN? I love this time of year. I just got back from sorting gifts for a Christmas is for Kids program we do through the school every year...some little ones are going to have a GREAT Christmas, and I get to be a part of that. How cool is that?

New friends- Jen & Billy. What would I have done if you guys hadnt wandered into my life? To say I am grateful is an understatement. Where have you been all my life, Jen? Love ya.

Down syndrome-the people this syndrome has brought into my life NEVER cease to amaze me, touch me, make me see things more deeply. I am so grateful to have had my eyes pried open.


Charissa said...

Awwwww. Thanks, Michelle. I have missed talking to you, friend.

Charissa said...

Awwwww. Thanks, Michelle. I have missed talking to you, friend.