Friday, December 19, 2008

Can you spare 5 dollars?

I have just discovered a fellow blogger is going to REALLY go without for Christmas. Young kids at home, dh just got laid off, the week before Christmas. He works in the auto industry, which we all know is taking a HUGE hit right now. I found out quite by accident, and she didnt ever say a word asking for help. She just let slip something that clued me in, and a few questions later I knew this was going to be a really really hard Christmas unless some elves jumped in. I know a lot of people are strapped this time of year. I know we are. But I can find $5 bucks. You will have to trust me on this one, I cannot and would not reveal names, and you likely wont ever know what came about in regards to their Christmas. I can blog a tiny bit, but there wont be much on details. If you trust me, if you have faith in me that I know real need when I see it, would you please consider making a small contribution to a VERY worthy cause? Good people, these folks. First in line to help anyone they ever hear is in need. Now they are struggling, quietly. And their babies are expecting Santa, too. Please help?

Renee, at Life With My Special K's is going to be the lead Elf here. She will handle any donations via paypal. She is good people, too. Go to and click on SEND MONEY. Put in an amount...ANY amount you can do...and enter her email addy as recipient:

She will take it from there, and do the shopping, then go Elf this very deserving family.

Please help. and please, spread the word. I know we can do this folks. I still believe in Christmas.

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