Thursday, January 22, 2009

signs of the times

Ciarra says:

"Michelle, this bra is wicked awesome. But I would like it to be in hot pink. Can you get that for me, please?"

Her: "Michelle, please dont tell Julianna that I love Barney. Julianna doesnt like Barney. But she likes Barbie Diamond Castle and Hannah Montana. Its ok if I like Barbie Diamond Castle and Hannah Montana. It is NOT ok if I like Barney. Don tell her,ok Michelle?"

(I tell her it is ok that she still likes Barney, that she should not be afraid to be who she is.)

HER: "I do. Just dont tell her that, ok?"

Her: Mom, these skates are broken.
ME: They arent broken, its just hard to balance on skates.

Her: Well, then my feet are broken, cause this is not working.

Her: "Michelle, when you was a little girl, did you like Barney?"
ME: When I was a little girl, Barney wasnt born yet.
Her: "Wow, you must be really REALLY old."

My little, BIG girl.



My name is Sarah said...

I like your skates. Keep trying it gets easier.

Hite Family said...

Look how Grown Up Miss Ciarra is!!! Holy Cow, Chelle where did your little girl go??

Tilly Cat & Pip-Squeak said...

Priceless. She is SUCH a gift! (Although, when Matilda starts calling me by my first name, I think I'll cry. I like being mummy.)

Charissa said...

How can you stand it? She is so irresistible.