Monday, March 02, 2009


catching up here:

I and the kids had a nasty virus/cold thing for a few weeks, it kicked our butts. Coincidentally, my computer ALSO caught a bug, it was really imeding my writing abilities, dropping letters etc, it was driving me nutty frankly. Thankfully, we are all better now. So some "ketchup":

Valentines was nice, Jim brought all of us gifts, which was very sweet. Ciarra is such a daddy's girl.

Jesse is on the allstars basketball team. He is not as strong in basketball as in football, but I was very proud of him for trying out this year. He has refused to for years because he knows he won't be "the best", and he is very self conscious of himself when it comes to sports. He is a very good football player. The experience he is gaining on this team has been wonderful. His coach does an amazing job of playing all the kids, even the less capable ones. Jesse is very good at defense, he is a mean rebounder, but not as great at offense. He has had some good plays and some not so good. Regardless, his team won the tournament this weekend! I was excited for them. He is #31.

A friend of ours young son was involved in a terrible car accident. His name is Nick. He suffered massive head injuries and other broken bones. 6 weeks after the accident, Nick left the hospital. The kid who wasnt supposed to make it did, and he is thriving. He still has some effects of traumatic brain injury, but he is a walking talking miracle. we are SO profoundly grateful he was spared. he has a wonderful community and a terrific family, SO many prayers went up. Thank God for the biggest favors.

another little friend was not so lucky. Our little buddy Joshua died this week. Joshie was 15, he had hypoplastic left heart syndrome, and he was never supposed to survive infancy. Joshs big dark eyelashes and beautiful smile will remain with us forever. His funeral is tonight, althought we are getting walloped with snow and may not make it over. Watching two young boys go through so much makes us treasure every minute with our own children. There is a commercial that says "Life happens fast"...that is so true. Hug your kids today.

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Little Miss E said...

What a sweet hubby and daddy! I bet everyone loved their gifts. B is also not as good at basketball as football, but it's not like they can play football year round! Although they may be less moody if they could!