Tuesday, June 02, 2009

the greatest fan of your life

Ciarra is currently in 4th grade, and doing very well. She is spending a few hrs a day now in the Resource Room, which so far seems a really good fit. She is excited to be having a birthday coming up, and some school friends have already asked if they can come.

So far, friendships are still going strong for Ciarra. She has a few very good friends, one best friend (Julianna) and "school friends". She continues to be very lucky in this regard, at lunchtime for instance, she rarely sits alone, and has a group of very nice girls that seem to genuinely enjoy her company. Not sure she notices, but Mom sure does, these are some of the most popular girls. (yay!)
I think that some changes we made this year in terms of friends have been very positive for her, it was very difficult to draw lines between she and her former best friend, but it has been a very good decision. Thankfully, Julianna jumped right in. She lives next door and they truly love one another, she spends a lot of time here, they play on the same baseball team, etc. I imagine the summer will be full of mud pies and picnic lunches. It is sweet to see them every morning waiting for the bus, they always hug one another like it has been years. sweet sweet moments to treasure.

Ciarra plays catcher again this year in baseball, and LOVES it. she seems to be getting better and better at hitting, too. Being on the team is so good for her, she learns so much about working together. Not sure what next y will bring, she will have to move up to softball for bigger girls, we will play it by ear, as always.
Ciarra LOVES monster movies! Monster House, Coraline, Monsters Inc. She wants a Coraline birthday party, and wants to be Boo from Monsters Inc next Halloween. She is a funny kid. Her speech is just rolling along, most people understand most of what she says now, and she makes a point of making sure they do. She is funny, gregarious, and also a bit moody, which must be from being a girl and hitting puberty. :)

Healthwise, things are going very well. We have found a wonderful ENT who is really aggressive in searching for answers to this ongoing issue she has. we really like him. She has been much healthier this year, fewer ear infections, sleeping well, and growing like a WEED! She is in a size 12 now, about 76 pounds, and tall and strong. she used to be such a wisp, now she is solid like a rock. Very little chub, just SOLID. She has begun to run much faster (baseball!) and talks a lot about healthy foods, although she still likes her Pepsi and chocolate. ;)

We recently went camping with friends, and she had a blast. She and I worked to start the campfire, and I really let her do it. She gathered twigs, newspaper, and firewood, and I lit a small branch so she could get the fire going. She did it so proudly. She husked corn, helped set up chairs around the fire, fished, hiked, rode 4 wheelers, and laughed a LOT. The girl LOVES fish!!! she must have eaten 3 salmon and a trout in one sitting. Crazy kid... smores too....there went healthy, huh? :) she thought reeces cups were a GREAT idea for smores, and she was right! she hiked several miles, forded a river 4 times, and made it all the way up to Angel Falls. She continues to amaze me with her tenacity and willpower.

10...almost 11....has brought more joy and respect for just LIVING than I could have ever imagined. Having Ciarra in our lives has been a gift, and she is one of the neatest kids I know. Someone once told me that she was little and cute at 4, but by 10 she would be miserable and lonely. I can only wish I was as easygoing, popular, and happy as this child. she lives life so fully, laughs often, and just exudes confidence. And she is beautiful, inside and out. Ten has not been any kind o downer, instead it has been another year full to the brim with love and happiness. Here's to 11!

Jesse and Kristin are doing well, also. Jesse will graduate 8th grade next week. He seems to like a little girl in his class, EEK! He is a good kid, smart and funny. Kristin is enjoying her young adulthood, she isnt in many of the pics because she just isnt with us as much as when she was younger.


My 3 Kids said...

I have tears in my eyes, Look how Grown Up Ciarra is!! You have 3 Beautiful kids, Chelle and you have done a wonderful job raising them!

datri said...

Thanks so much for the update on Ciarra. I've been wondering how she's been doing.

My name is Sarah said...

Such a wonderful report. We loved the photo montage.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Happy early birthday Ciarra! :) Sounds like everything is going GREAT! :)