Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oh no. You hurt my feelings.

Geez. What the hell is it with people? Someone wasn't winning an argument real well, no substantive responses, etc. So they apparently thought they would get the BIG jab in, go for the that the BEST you can do? I laugh in, whatever.
Let me explain something. The world would probably be a lot better place if we were all "a little bit retarded". Maybe we wouldnt have so many wars, we wouldnt care about the labels on our clothes. We wouldnt let anyone go hungry or homeless. We would be much more likely to stop and smell the roses along the way and not be rushing hither and yon trying to GET MORE STUFF. Certainly, we would not be aborting babies and using them as the butt of our jokes...we would revere life, from a butterfly to a wooly mammoth. We wouldnt even dare to think nasty thoughts or be cruel to one another.
We would be much more simple in our thoughts, good and bad would not ever look the same to us. We would dance when the spirit moved us, laugh freely without embarrassment. Being mentally retarded would make us a little less conscious of each others faults. We would love unconditionally, even our enemies. We would know kindness and eloquence and dignity, and no one could ever take that away, either by posting supposed "jokes" about our intelligence or about our worth in the world as a human being.
I guess your silly little post was meant to hurt me, to embarrass me. But it has the opposite effect, you see? I am stronger for having my child in my life. Even a "defective, retarded" child...ANY child....teaches us to be kinder, better people. You should maybe consider that, when you are done being stupid and childish and petty yourself. When you can see past your own value and find it in another person. I wont hold my breath. ;)

PS: I like this version better.

Posted by Michelle at 10:38 AM


Anonymous said...

That is so bad... a true reflection of the author. Happy not to be inside that!!!

My 3 Kids said...

Oh Wow, Do people not have anything else to do with there time? I love my girl the way she is! And so True to the heart what you wrote, Chelle