Wednesday, July 08, 2009

July is here

I heard on the news this morning that we have not had 2 days of sunshine back to back since APRIL 15th!!! At the end of June, they said we had had rain for 28 of 30 days. It is now July 8th, and we have had ONE day without rain since then. Sigh. Todays high is 54. No pool, no AC needed yet. Just blah. goes on.

My Mom and stepdad are here from Florida for my Uncle Russell's funeral. We leave to drive up North for that tomorrow. It will be hard to say godbye to him, I loved him so much. My aunt Dot died 6 days after he did, we will bury them beside one another in the family plot. I will be seeing relatives I havent seen in 30 years. Kinda exciting, kinda scary.

Things that have happened in the last month.

-we went out to eat at weathervane and Vern tried to pay the bill. he and Jim chased one another around the restaurant (really) for 15 minutes. Jim won.
-Jesse seems to have a girl. she is gorgeous. I found myself having the "talk" with him as we drove him to her house last week. Yikes. He doesnt completely admit shes his girl, but she texts him constantly, shes been here and he at her house. I am old, but it hasnt been THAT long.
-Kristin has decided to go back to college. Financial Aid, anyone?
-Ciarra turned 11. we had her party at her summer camp. she had a great time, and so did we.
-Ciarra learned to kayak, and is pretty darn good at it.
-My darling Sarah got married, and I took her wedding pics. Beautiful bride, the apple of my eye too.
-Rob and Wendy and Hunter came for a visit! It was wonderful seeing them, but heartbreaking taking them to the airport afterwards. Home is here, in maine. I hope they can get home soon.
-Someone very special to us did something very unlike him last fall. He was defending his child, but he made a terrible decision. he went to prison recently. we miss him more every single day. He will not be out until 2012.
-We finally sold my Grandparents old house. The closing is tomorrow. yay. Finally done payingfor that thing!
=we went camping in the Rangeley mountains. I finished a long hike to a waterfall, but it was TOUGH.
-I am working on this extra weight of mine, God give me the strength to make the right choices.

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