Saturday, October 03, 2009

An unannounced REBLOGGING giveaway for 31 for 21

I have not been blogging lately, Facebook has become so easy that I rarely blog anymore. Tonight, that changes. As a part of 31 for 21, I will begin REBLOGGING. And in order to make up for my missed first days, I will be doing a giveaway!

The above prizes will be given away over 3 days. Tonight, to start the giveaway, we will give away the 2 Laureate programs pictured above! Be watching for the other prizes, including a copy of Play To Talk by Dr. Jim McDonald.

To the FIRST person to respond, who links me back to a blog post about their child with Down syndrome and the ways they learn academics, will go a TERRIFIC prize package!

You will receive a brand spanking new copy of Laureate's Nouns and Sounds software Value $125

PLUS! a copy of PREPOSITIONS, also by Laureate. value $210

these 2 programs are values at $335 dollars, but they are PRICELESS! Laureate puts out some incredible programs. They have been kind enough to allow me to donate these 2 programs to a lucky winner.

Ready? Set? Let's see who is still reading?!


Shelley said...

Michelle said...

THAT was fast! Congrats!

Yo Mamma Mamma! said...

Shoot - I thought it would be me! I was just cleaning out my e-mail so I wouldn't miss any 31 for 21 blog posts! Hope you and C are doing well!

Michelle said...

wish I had a bunch of them to give away! But keep watching, we will have a few more prizes. :)

Meredith said...

Wow, very neat! And glad to have ya back :)