Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I am writing to ask for prayers and possibly donations to a baby girl born with DS 5 months ago near me. She has had TWO open heart surgeries in less than a month. One done in September failed and she is just recovering from her 2nd surgery Oct. 30th. Just got home from Portland hospital yesterday.

The baby is Abigail Grace, and she is so beautiful. Her mother has had to leave her job to be with baby, and dad has had to travel extensively to Portland. These are VERY young parents, not very financially prepared for a baby this sick. I am helping to organize a spaghetti supper in Orrington on Dec. 6th, to try to raise enough money to help these folks keep their home and get back on their feet from these multiple surgeries/trips.

We are selling tickets to the spaghetti supper. If you would like to purchase one, even if you cannot attend in person, we would be most grateful. Tickets are $6. The dinner is Dec. 5 at 5 pm in Orrington at the Ralph Pollard Masonic Lodge. There will be a silent auction at the dinner. If anyone could help in ANY way, it would be so sincerely appreciated.

Sincerely, Michelle (Mom of Ciarra age 11 with DS)

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