Wednesday, October 20, 2010

She is just like MY child. and just like yours, too.

I know the family in this video. I have spent time with Meredith and Mike Cornish, and watched them step out in faith time after time. Their children are treasured, remarkable, loved little people. The child they originally intended to adopt is currently in an institution in Ukraine. The survival rate of any child in an institution is... less than 2 years. Aleksa has survived more than that already, but time is running out. Aleksa has Down syndrome, just like Ciarra. she deserves to be held and loved, and tucked in at night. She deserves a family. There is something about this child that has held me from the first I knew her name. The Cornishes are SUPPOSED to bring her home. PLEASE, can you help me get her home? Just watch this video, and if you feel moved to, share it with your congregations. PLEASE help me help this family. PS you have my permission and my HOPE that you will share this video far and wide. Please please dont set it aside, time is passing quickly, there is only a little while left for them to raise the funds to get her out, they travel soon. If you could share this with your friendsm family, and churches, I would be so grateful. I am not an overly "religious" person, but something about this story makes me really believe that Gods hand is at work here. I just feel like Im supposed to write this letter, to do something to help. What is God asking YOU to do?

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