Thursday, August 30, 2007

Anyone who knows CJ will want to see this

this woman lost custody of her son in large part because she adopted 2 babies with Down syndrome!!

says the judge:

"The evidence adduced at trial establishes that although the mother is a stay at home mother, she has more than a full plate with her two special needs toddlers which, without question, redirects an inordinate amount of time away from the child and his needs."

Our society already devalues kids with DS before birth, now they will make the claim that just living with them detracts from a sibling's life? Shameful. Please, make a small donation to help her get him back!!

Why this story hits SO close to home for me:

As one of the contributors to this blog, I would like to share why this story hits so close to home for me. Another little boy's life was destroyed by a legal system that thought they had all the answers. He was my son in my heart, but to "the system", he was "JUST a foster child." He lived with us from infancy to 3 yrs and 7 months, 2 weeks. At 3 yrs, 8 months exactly, (14 days from the day he left us) he was beaten and suffocated to death in the home where he was placed when he was taken from my own. The "system" that is supposed to help these children does not. It destroys any chance they have at a normal life, it takes their innocense away. It destroys families, it breaks hearts. This other little boy still has a chance to regain some normalcy, to have his family back. Thankfully, he is not in physical danger. But the emotional impact of what has been done to him will change him forever.

Like the mom in this case, I take some amount of responsibility for the events that led up to his placement, we had agreed to give him up, to see that his needs were met in a home where he was the only child. We were discouraged from adopting him, in large part because of his special needs and my giving birth to a little girl with Down syndrome. They decided that 4 young children was "too much for me" rather than putting into place services that could have helped. What we thought we were doing for him cost him his life. It is too late for my son. It is NOT too late for him. September 11 will be 7 years since Alex left us. Please don't let this little boy be away that long.

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