Sunday, August 26, 2007

my thoughts on Speech therapy

Speech should be a natural consequence of a relationship between two people, it isnt like some production, it is an act of love, a relationship give and take kinda thing. "Speech" isnt even really necessarily the goal. Communication is. Communication wont happen if there is no trust built. Communication is a hundred different things that have nothing to do with words. It is a look, it is a grunt, a sound, shared between two people who are interacting on whatever level the least capable one is at. Communication is playing on the floor being silly, laughing back and forth, imitating one anothers movements or sounds. Speech is an offshoot of communication, it is like another step in the action. Your ST MUST enjoy the relationship, go back and forth and see your child's successes at every opportunity, so she will feel successful. I probably sound like some new age weirdo, but I believe with everything in me that speech begins with PLAY.


Kim Davis said...

You are NOT a new age weirdo - you have much wizdom!!

We are just starting to communicate with Libby where we actually understand what she is saying/showing us.

I have always wondered why our ST just "played" with her instead of working on "speech things". Low and behold, this last week, we got a couple new signs out of her.

You write up is "right on"!!


Christi said...

Perfect. I agree with you 100%. We get the most communication from my DD when we play and don't test or quiz her.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Off to read Parent Partners.