Thursday, October 04, 2007

she's gonna be the death of me

we have this big, fat Maine coon cat named Callie. She is like 12 years old. Weighs probably 17-18 pounds. BIG furry cat. Ciarra loves her, and this poor cat loves C right back. Ciarra can do anything to her, she has dressed her like a baby, rolls her around in a doll carriage, has put clothespins on her ears, etc. Cat just doesnt care.
Yesterday Ciarra scooped Callie up to walk down to the bus stop with her. Holding her like a baby, belly up.I watch through the living room windows, buyt the driveway is long, and they are fairly far away. So I look, and there is C with the cat. Look again, and no cat. Ciarra is bent over her backpack, messing with the zipper. Bus comes, and she hoists this suddenly VERY heavy backpack up, and is trying to get it on her shoulders. Backpack isnt THAT heavy...wth? Then it occurs to me, faster than I can blink...shes got the damn CAT in her backpack! I go to yell, see her take the first step onto the bus, sort of teeter backwards from the weight shifting going on....and see one not very happy ears laid back freaked out cat come squeezing out of the TEENY little hole where she hadnt completely gotten it zipped, hit the bottom step of the bus, and tear off. Ciarra turns to my voice, shoots me an "ALMOST DID IT" grin, scrunches her shoulders as if to say "I dunno" and gets on the bus to a chorus of her best friend hollering her name....this kid is gonna be the death of me!

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Megan's got 47 said...

Oh Chelle that is fabulous. CRACKS me up!
I can just see her face in my head....she is very sneaky ;)
Thanks for the giggle.