Wednesday, November 07, 2007

cuteness all around

I donated a computer to Ciarra's classroom today, it was an older model I jazzed up with lots of memory. It should be very helpful in their publishing class, they all write books and publish them on computers. Anyway...
While visiting, I ended up helping out with some math. Mrs C was pretty busy with publishing, so I helped a few kids who were doing their math. I really really enjoy that stuff. I get along very well with the kids, and they with me. I feel so welcomed there this year, and that is a nice change, last 2 years I have felt like the odd man out. This teacher, though, she is amazing. she really values my knowledge of Ciarra. Interestingly, I rarely work with my own kid when I am there helping. She is pretty self-sufficient. Even better, she isnt clingy, which is a huge step forward.
I was helping a little girl with her math when I noticed Ciarra and Robert sitting beside each other in the big rocking chair, sharing a book. He was very patiently listening to her read, and she was doing a great job. after, they put the book away and started to head off to their desks. I saw him stop, turn, and reach out to her. he gave her five. Charming, sweet little boy. Then they whispered together for a minute. They walked to his desk where he dug out a piece of paper and wrote his name on it. Then he asked her for our number, and wrote that down, too. He walked over and somewhat shyly asked if he could come over sometime. (YAY!)
Ciarra has plenty of friends, but I always celebrate when she begins to expand those friendships and not rely so much on Jade. jade is a great kid, usually, but friendships can be weird, and I want Ciarra to have more than just Jade and a few other kids. Its great that she is taking the lead and seeking these out. So, I said yes to Robert. They were in Kindergarten together, a few yrs ago, been to each others parties. he came to her little bowling party earlier this year, too. They seem to have an understanding. I am trying to let them create it as they want it, and not direct.
Tonight, Robert called three times. :) He wanted to know if it was ok if he came tommorrow. Then he called to ask Ciarra what they would be doing. They chatted for a while, making arrangements from basketball (which he liked) to watching her newest spongeBob kovie (which I dont think interested him much.) When she mentioned video games, he was happy, and asked her what ones she has. Being the little sister of a 12 yr old pays off, sometimes. Jesse has some more boy-friendly fare than "Bratz Mall Madness", Im sure they can find something to enjoy.
I feel like I am watching Ciarra blossom in ways I couldnt have imagined. I was worried about third grade...and it is fast proving to be a GREAT year. Now, if the Momma can just sit back and let the kids figure this all out, and help make it fun for them. It is fun to see them, an makes me wonder if these kids really DO get it, after all. They see her as a friend. It isnt ABOUT DS to them. It isnt about Inclusion, they wouldnt know the word. But in my heart of hearts, I know that Inclusion is what makes this happen. and I am counting my blessings tonight.

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Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Awwww that's a great story of friendship. I hope they have a great time together.