Saturday, April 26, 2008

Update on sickies

Ciarra has not had fevers for a few days now. She is eating a bit, drinking a bit, and seems a lot better in general. She is still lethargic and VERY sleepy. She has been going to bed around 8 and not waking up till 1 or so the next day. We are letting her sleep, she seems to really need it. Her throat is clearing, the antibiotic is obviously working wonders. I am hoping and praying this is all thyroid related, and she will be ok, and that we wont have to face the big monster...boy thats scary. It is scary just to THINK it, hats off to the families that have had to deal with it. The thing about Leukemia, it isnt a quick fix. It is a LONG haul, months and months and often years of awfulness. To see these kids live with it, SMILE through it, is humbling. We appreciate the prayers of everyone who has left messages, called, sent emails, etc. Mostly for all the prayers...we hope they are working...and that we wont have to deal with this. Keep em coming, please?

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Alyssa said...

I'm glad she's feeling better. I hope your worries will be gone soon.