Sunday, May 25, 2008

at last, an answer to the freaky lab test results for Jesse

I ran into my docs office the other day to drop off camp medical papers for Ciarra, and caught him in the hallway. I asked about the test results we got for Jesse (I posted recently about my weekly heart attack...scary stuff) and he laughed out loud. I asked him WHAT happened, did they ever figure it out? He said (I think he said phlebotomist, but I cant be sure...pretty sure) He said the lab phlebotomist had run some kind of protocol that morning, quality control type thing. Normally they poke in 5 random numbers, she accidently poked in 6...Jesse's 6...and attached the name of a doc who no longer works there as the requesting doc, as they always do. Anyway, when she attached the 6th number, it flagged results to MY sons Ped, and voila..instant heartattack. He said she got in BIG trouble, and that she had to go to school for recertification or something, and that it was a BIG deal there at the lab. anyway, Im SO relieved to know no other little guy is that sick...hooray.

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Stephanie said...

wow. what a scare. at least they handled it properly!