Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Baseball 08...here we go again!

started baseball again last night. Ciarra has a wonderful coach and a very doting audience in the stands. She struck out 2 times, but she hit a nice foul one of those times, and coach told her to run it out. (its little kid baseball, they arent cutthroat, and they humor her a little) She ran the bases, went back to touch second when she missed it, came in to home with a big grin on her face, smiled real big and then ran into the dugout. Next thing we knew, she came out to the side of the bleachers and did three short bows, everyone cracked up. She may not BE the best player out there, but she thinks she is. I know she understands that she is really out, and that she is allowed to run the bases anyway. I am torn sometimes, is it ok to let her take the bases and not count her "run" or should she just play the game like most of the other kids (she isnt the only one they do that for, a few little ones that play really need the emotional boost too) In the end, I think that I am going to have to shush and just be blessed to have a community that values her emotional health and happiness enough to see her rounding the bases even when it doesnt count. I guess that is what I would want to see for another kid, and I need to not be clouded by her being MINE. She LOVES baseball. We dont have any kind of Challenger League here. This is it. Thank God for the kindness of the people here.

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