Friday, May 09, 2008

told ya-it IS all about MeMeMe--thanks Emily

Dear brilliant Emily at Lovely & Amazing (and don't miss the 2nd blog, for the second child, who is so cute it hurts) has tagged me too! I love Emily, she challenges me to think. And even though it isn't likely we could BE on more polar opposite ends of the political spectrum, she is one of the few who manages to have my respect. Because she gives it back. Anyway, here is Emily's MeMe for Me.

In honor of our most sacred of holidays, Mother's Day, I have a meme to spread through Blogland. It's time to play tag everyone! Please don't hate me.

Before I was a mother I was:

1) Oblivious

2) Self-confident

3) Always right :)

4) Lonely

5) Longing

As a mother I am:

1) driven to do it right

2) exceptionally aware of their emotional health

3) incredibly surprised that they turned out so well

4) constantly amazed at how much I can stomach/manage/muster/ the people who call me "Mom"

5) Incredibly aware of the passage of time.

Would the me of yesteryear like the me of today? I think she would be surprised. I think she would be proud of this me, mostly. I think she would not believe that this me isnt rich, gorgeous, or hysterically funny. Oh wait, I AM gorgeous. I forgot.

In honor of Mother's Day, I am going to honor some really awesome Moms I know by NOT making them do (Forgive me Em. I just tagged everyone and their brother.)

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