Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Update-the L word

we go in this morning for retests, a little snafu yesterday...Doc called last night and said we will start synthroid today, 25 micrograms I think he said? I wasnt sure if the thyroid might have come up weird because of the illness, he said no it needs treating. Soo...we will get another not sick baseline today for everything, and run some other tests (he called them specialty tests, I dont know for sure which) plus CBC and thyroid and something else. I should have a much better idea by this afternoon. Your prayers are so appreciated. I am hoping it is just that infection plus the viral thing going around here plus the thyroid...and NOT the dreaded l word. I am very hopeful actually. But keep praying, cause now that Im feeling more positive, I am not so sure I am prepared to hear bad news at ALL. Shes fine, I have to believe that. Anyone have experience with thyroid/synthroid? Im a newbie on this one.

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