Thursday, March 19, 2009

not funny at all-Obama makes Special Olympics joke

President Obama sat down with Jay Leno on Thursday for a late-night TV interview that spanned a range of topics -- from the economic crisis to the presidential dog -- and even, at one point, featured the president joking that his bowling ability was suitable for the Special Olympics.

The bowling comment was a reminder of his poor performance on the lanes last year during one of his campaign stops. Obama bragged to "The Tonight Show" that he recently bowled 129 on the White House alley.

"It's like Special Olympics," he said.

how's that, Obama? It is like the SO in what way, exactly? The folks I know who bowl for SO could kick your liberal butt at it. Kinda like "retard" with a spin, I guess? If you suck at sports, you must be "in the Special Olympics"....only....the Special Olympians are better than you by far. and Im guessing most of them have more class, too. wonder how Tim Shriver likes your idiotic "joke"?


Stephanie said...

Oh! He did NOT JUST SAY THAT! He ought to be ashamed.

AZ Chapman said...

I think he made a mistake he is only a humen after all. He said he was sorry before the day was up. we will have to see how it plays out.

Ann said...

According to Associated Press, Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton said the President's offhand remark was not meant to disparage the Special Olympics, it was only meant to "poke some fun at the commander-in-chief's bowing skills."


It was only meant to poke fun at his weak bowling skills. Oh, now I get it. "Poke some fun" by demeaning an activity that is taken with most seriousness by people with disabilities.

Obama needs to "poke some fun" at the economic crisis at hand, not the less fortunate. Although I believe my child is more fortunate than Obama, for she will never need to "poke some fun" at another's expense.

Stephanie said...

not a bad time to get him on board with the new "R word" campaign for 3/31/09. He should be ashamed of himself for a comment like that. He is President, there is no excuse for that talk. I am sure he prepped for his performance like every other planned interview, WHY on earth would that be acceptable.

My name is Sarah said...

I just sent a link to the President about my blog post today.

melody is slurping life said...

And why am I not surprised? Apalling, yet not surprising.

Anonymous said...

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