Friday, August 31, 2007

Week one-Inclusion

we use a communication notebook for Ciarra. It is mandated in her IEP that it be written in. Most of the time until now, I have had a few short sentences, if I got lucky. Last year, there were stretches of LONG weeks with nothing. This year, the year that we are trying Inclusion, fighting for it with every breath...we have a new teacher. And she believes in Inclusion. I am even starting to dream a little. I think she believes in CIARRA, too. It has only been 3 days, but I am so heartened.


ME: Ciarra will have hot lunch today, and usually every day. You may hafta remind her about the clothespin thingy, that is new for her. It is supposed to be hot and humid today, hope she is ok, she should be just fine. I hope all goes well, shes excited! Please let me know. Good Luck!!

(Not at all sure I would hear back so soon, it is the first day, its hectic, and well....theres a track record to uphold...)

Her: Mrs H, GREAT DAY!! Ciarra wrote a great story-she dictated and I wrote. She participated in all activities today. Got sleepy at 2, and curled up in the rocking chair with my daughter's quilt. :)

(oh BOY...did I dare to dream? I wasnt surprised she was tired, it is always this way when the year starts)


Me: So glad it went well!! I expect she will be tired for awhile. Thanks for letting her "power nap". She said she liked it a lot. Thank you for the extra efforts on her behalf. Michelle

Her: Hi Michelle,
Sped Director checked in with me today about next week's PET. The best date and time is the 6th at 2:30. How's that for you?
Ciarra is doing very well. Today she filled out her "social goals for 3rd grade" hot air balloon and colored it in. She was very clear that she wants to learn to safely push her friends on the swings. 2 of her friends, Eva & Cierra B, agreed to help her with it. She did all she was asked, with encouragement and praise. She is at Music now, alert & excited, she says she LOVEs music! Deb


ME: Breathing a sigh of relief here. So far, so good, huh?! She LOVES your class. I am now told the PET will be held Monday the 17th at 2:30. Hope that works for everyone.
PS could you please remind her to leave her crayon/marker pouch in her desk? She keeps forgetting to take it from her backpack. Thanks!

HER: Hi Michelle, It is Lunch time and your daughter has had a wonderful morning. She did all her morning jobs independently, using the pictures on the activity schedule to guide her. She did morning work (modified) independently with everyone else. We read a story as a class, and drew a picture from it. She was the first to share, and re-told the story-including details-wonderful comprehension!! (more later...)
Hi Michelle, I'm back. :) It is 1:30. Ciarra participated in a Math group-I modified the expectations. She was able to fully participate. At 1:15, she went to the rug with the quilt and curled up. She told me she was "SO tired!" At 1:30, the class left for Computer Class, which I understand she loves. She said she was just too tired, and stayed in the classroom sleeping with me. :)
I just came back from Spec Ed teacher and Sped Dir. Ciarra has had a GREAT week, and is able to participate well in Language Arts activities. Math at this point, is very difficult for her. I think she recognizes that her work is very different, and she wants to do the work they do, but struggles with it terribly. I would like to suggest, as you mentioned initially, that we allow her to go to the Resource Room for Math from 12:30-1:30 daily. That is the time we do Math in the classroom. This will enable her to be a part of every bit of the rest of the day, which she handles easily and well. We will try this until the PET mtg the 17th, then talk about it further then. Please call if you have any questions. I think your daughter is a darling, smart, capable little girl. I am so glad to have the chance to work with her. Thank you. Deb

Included in her folder was the journal entry from earlier in the week, plus another note:
"I like to play with Shelby & Eva. I like to swing together. We can play tag. I love to climb on the monkey bars. I like to hide and seek."

the note:
During writing class, Ciarra dictated this story to me-VERY clearly. When I stopped after 3 sentences, she said "No, I have more!" Then SHE read it to the class. :)

I'm on cloud 9. Maybe this will work afterall? She sounds like she likes Ciarra, enjoys her, GETS her. I knew the Math was TOUGH. Not at all surprised, and think resource will be a good idea for math...ONLY Math. The rest I am thrilled about. Not to mention, that time will be less gogogogo, so she may be able to rest up a bit. I am so excited. I think this is going to be an AWESOME year!

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Kim Davis said...

What GREAT communication - I think you're in for a GREAT year!!!