Sunday, June 29, 2008

the good things

sometimes I post about the bad things, and forget to update. I have been thinking a lot about how to update on this goes...

Jim has been working SO hard to try to be here for me more. He is doing things he has never done, helping much more, complaining MUCH less. He drove a van full of 15 wild kids 2 plus hours without a single whine yesterday. He has been helping SO much with Ciarra, taking her to camp in the mornings and helping get her ready. He is finding time for all of us, and being much more fun to be around. We had a good long talk a few weeks ago (around fathers Day) about trying to balance HIS time with OUR time. Without going into too much detail, he didnt have a great role model in the daddy department, and he isnt one of those in touch with himself guys who analyzes his own behavior. It took me really sitting down and talking (talking...yep..that was it lol) to him to make him see. He was repeating the same things that hurt him as a child. He was not aware of any of it. Things arent perfect, obviously, yet. They may never be perfect. But I feel like we have made huge progress recently, and I wanted to brag about him a little.

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