Monday, June 02, 2008


I wish I knew a way to get everyone I know and love to participate in the fundraiser we started for Parker, over at Pages4Parker. A few beautiful items have come in, but so far the interest has been pretty minor. I don't understand that, I guess. Many of us who blog and have kids with DS are SO lucky. Our kids are healthy, we have decent enough insurance. How can so many people see his beautiful little face, know what he is going through, and still not take the time to even reply with "Sorry, I cant help, but good luck."? I think so many of us are just emotionally drained. There is SO much need, and we certainly see a lot of it in our own community.

But this is different. It doesnt cost anybody anything really. Its a call for craft items. Sure, we would gladly and gratefully accept money donations, too. But most of us have some craft or hobby that we do that we could send a sample out on his behalf. Even if it is just to help spread the word, wont you please help me help him?

I feel so blessed in our lives, we have dodged the biggest bullets so far. Ciarra is relatively healthy. But I know that that could change at ANY moment. I know the things we dread can consume our childrens lives in the blink of an eye. I pray that if our day ever comes, that there will be people there who want to help us. Mostly, I want to know that I did whatever I could do, for the ones I could help, when I had the chance. Maybe it will count as positives in a life with plenty of negatives? I dont know. I do know it feels good to try. It feels right. I think of that little kid...and surgeons just a week or so ago split him stem to sternum and rearranged his insides....that is one tough little kid. It isnt fair that his family should be hit with SUCH tremendous medical bills. Everywhere they turn, there simply is no help. Why is that? They arent poor enough...yet. They still own their house...for now. They pay the bills that flood through their door in a never-ending tide...they are not deadbeats. WHY cant they catch a break?

Please just reconsider helping. Just pass the word on to friends. Parker needs us. His family needs us. If we dont all stand together when one of us has a need, who will stand for us down the road? It takes so little to help. He is doing his part, guys, he really is. Just help me spread the word. Blog about this project. Share it with your crafty friends, on your message boards, via email. Just stand with me to show this family that we hear the struggle and we respect them for staying in the fight. We really can make a difference. What do you think?


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