Wednesday, June 04, 2008

things I am thinking about

~Ciarra, standing in right field during her most recent ballgame...singing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" as loud as she could...especially the "1,2,3 strikes YOU'RE OUT!!" part. And hearing 50 people chuckling at the sight of her.

~ The absolutely astonishingly cruel words of some people who commented on a youtube post I have of her. It hurts to hear the words, sometimes, even when you think you are prepared.


These sub-humans labelled as "Down's Syndrome retards" are worthless, ugly, and a waste of the world's resources. Sure, you can say "OH WHAT A BEAUTIFUL GIRL LOL" but in the long run, do you really think they will succeed in the cold, whirling abyss of the real world? Political correctness is the only thing making these... these freaks of nature from being exterminated.

~ Still trying to overcome the heartache of Ciarra's best friend here. We talk about it, trying to help her understand that sometimes we have to make choices as parents that hurt...and seeing her lip quiver. God, help her understand...please?

~ Summer vacation starts June 16th here. Today it was in the low 50s. summer??

~ Ciarra got accepted to summer camp for 2 weeks, her good friend for only 1 week...should I even bother trying to send her if she wont have a friend there?

~ I need to get to work planning her birthday....I still cant believe my baby is almost TEN.

~ I signed up for the NDSC Conference in Boston for early July. My best friend was going to go with me, but cant now due to work. I dont think I really even want to go alone. I love the conferences, and I learn so much. But...I hate being alone.


Kim Davis said...

You sound like you need a hug today!! (or a margarita!!) I wish I lived closer.

WTH on the comments to your videos - I can't believe people in this world would make comments like that - they will get theirs one day!!!

Big Hugs to you!!!

Charissa said...

ARRGGHHH! Some people are SO RUDE!!!!

Tilly Cat & Pip-Squeak said...

So sorry you're going through this... Wish I was closer and could be there for you and Ciarra. Having to distance her best friend sounds really harsh... As for the idiots leaving these comments on UTube, just ignore them. I've read the comments, and it's crystal clear that they are just writing them to get a reaction. The nastier they are, the more "entertaining" a reaction they get. Don't give them the satisfaction of taking them seriously... You and I and a whole lot of other people know how lucky anyone who knows Ciarra is.



GrumpyBear in Blue said...

I'm so sorry that some people feel that they don't have to think and post their rude and hurtful comments. Please try not to let them bother you (I know it's hard). Your daughter is beautiful and is showing the world that DS is a wonderful gift and that she is just as capable (if not more so!) than any "normal" (how I dislike that word!) child or even adult. She seems to have a wonderful heart and a great soul, and that is better than anything else she may "lack" (I am NOT saying that she "lacks" anything, but I'm sure there are people that would argue).
I hope you and your family have a wonderful summer.
Take care!!!

Wendy said...

Those comments are awful but hold your head up brush off those ugly thoughts because we have something special!

God has plans for those so called humans and during their stay here on earth I am sure carma is helping them out as well!