Sunday, June 01, 2008

what hurts the most

what hurts the most is this all going to be for nothing? Will Ciarra thrive throughout her childhood and then regress into a shell of a person because of some cruel disease like Alzheimers? I know that it is not just people with DS that get it, my dear grandfather died after wandering away from the nursing home and falling, Jim's dear gentle mother is incapacitated now. Alzheimers scares the hell out of me.
Research is working on this problem. Someday...with lots of prayers and some luck, there will be answers. God please let the answers come before I have to face looking into this incredibly bright childs eyes and seeing nothing reflected.


Anonymous said...

your daughter is absolutely beautiful.

SB said...

I understand your fears. Ultimately, there are no guarantees for any of our futures. All we can do is love our children, enjoy each day we have with them and hope that they have happiness in each day also. Seems to me your doing a great job with your wonderful children.

WheresMyAngels said...

You know how I feel on this subject. I believe more money needs to go into research for it. I keep hearing from people they think these studies are wrong, but yet I have watched so many people with DS die from this dx. It is my biggest fear for my daughters.