Friday, June 06, 2008

whose kid is THAT anyways?

I am so proud of my girl! We have been working on NOT running all the bases in baseball, when she gets a hit she just tears around the bases, not stopping for anything or anyone, passing her teammates, and just doing things HER WAY. Generally, she is tagged out, and runs them anyways. The fans always cheer for her, which wasnt really helping us teach her anything. It is very sweet how much they support her, regardless of team the kids and the parents celebrate everything she does on the field. But we truly believe that if she is going to play, the feel good stuff needs to lessen a bit and she needs to play by all the rules, just like the other kids. It is HARD sometimes, because even I naturally want to give her a little leeway, to always make sure she feels good about what shes doing, and to help her succeed.

Tonight my heart just soared. This darling little girl of mine struck out the first time she batted, and knew after 3 strikes she was done. She took it in stride, walked off the field happily, knowing she had done her best. But then...then she got up again. And this time she clocked that sucker, and ran straight to first base without stopping to see where the ball at first..and she STAYED there! You shoulda heard her "fans". They cheered as usual, but this time it almost seemed more respectful. Ciarra is really learning the game, and as much as they want to see her smile, I believe they get what I am trying to do. I want Ciarra to earn her way, like every other kid, no gimmies. Seeing her take first base, turn and give me the thumbs up makes me so proud. She listened, she stopped, she waited for instructions, and she paid attention just like any other kid out there. When the next batter hit the ball well into left field, off she went, and she made second...and stayed. Then the same routine, only this time she was told to run Home, and she did..a run earned with good listening, great ball skills, and absolutely no gimmies. Ciarra got a run tonight, but even more, she showed us all that she doesnt need favors, she just needs the chance to play. She can do this, and we can too.


Wendy said...

YEAH CIARRA!!!!!! I love this girl!!

I understand exactly how you feel mom..... You want them to undersand and when things are done from all their hard work it just makes those accomplishments so much better and sweeter... I don't know about you but if that was my little girl from the time she made that fabulous hit and stopped at first I would have had tears in my eyes (tears of pride of course) But after she made teh run I not only would have been in tears but I am pretty sure the entire park would of known I was there (jumping, hugging etc..) But I have been known not only to be sappy but crazy and generally nuts!!

I do have to confess that I also tend to be like the crowd sometimes and celebrate.... not necessarily giving them leeway but just because their is something about these wonderful people who happen to be chromosomally enhanced that just makes me swell inside!!


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

WTG Ciarra!!!

That's awesome!